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September 28, 2017 - Olds College, Olds, AB. Bovine Extension Arm Ultrasound Training with Fetal Aging.

Two hours of lecture and 4 hours of wetlab (pregnancy testing beef cattle). Cost $250. Enrollment is limited to 6 veterinarians. Contact Maureen Coakley (BioCheck) at (403) 328-1844, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WCABP / Merck Animal Health Student Case Report / Research Presentation Competition

This is a student competition, taking place at the January 2018 WCABP Conference, to encourage development of scientific inquiry methods and communication abilities. Click here to read information on requirements and how to apply. Application deadline is November 1, 2017.

Katrina Barth accepts the winning award from Dr. Colleen Pollock (Merck Animal Health)

The 2017 Conference marked the ninth year of WCABP and Merck Animal Health hosting the Student Case Presentation Award. All WCVM and UCVM veterinary undergraduates (from any year in their program) as well as 2016 graduates were invited to present a beef or dairy case report at the Conference. Presentations were given by: Colin Nicholas, Katrina Barth and Lane Hudson. Following their 10 minute presentation those in attendance were asked to rank the presenters based on topic as well as presentation. The winner, Katrina Barth (WCVM 2017) received $1,500. Thank you to Merck for continuing to sponsor this Competition and to the students for their participation!

Dr. Rob Tremblay (Boehringer Ingelheim), Dr. Fritz Schumann, Dr. Brittany Wiese (nominator)

This year’s recipient of the Boehringer Ingelheim WCABP Veterinarian of the Year award was Dr. Fritz Schumann from Saskatoon, SK.

Fritz grew up on a farm in the northern part of Namibia, Africa, and from a very early age he
wanted to be a Veterinarian. He had a strong love for animals, and as a boy he helped with the
cattle and even had his very own flock of Chinese chickens!

Fritz graduated from high school in 1976 and after a time in the military, went on to earn his
veterinary degree from the Ondersteport Veterinary Institute, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Pretoria, graduating in 1986. He obtained 15 distinctions during the 5.5-year
veterinary course. Fritz started his working career as a State Veterinarian in Namibia and
worked in the small community of Otavi for just under a year.

2016 Metacam® 20 Bovine Welfare Award

Charlotte, North Carolina, September 15, 2016 – The executive board of the Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians (CABV) / Association Canadienne des Veterinaires Bovins (ACVB) and Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. have announced Dr. Ken Leslie as the recipient of the 2016 Metacam® 20 Bovine Welfare more.

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